Data Storage

MiFID II requires firms to keep extensive records of all transactions, communications, services and activities for 10 years, in order for them to be able to provide transparency into the trade life cycle. DataGuard provides perfect trade reconstruction tools for your compliance team.


Tradefora’s proprietary big data optimization and storage mechanism boasts a compression factor of 40:1. This translates into huge savings for Tradefora’s customers and opens up a whole new range of data analytics possibilities.

What’s included

Unlimited market data storage in highly optimized format with up to 40x compression, compared to .CSV

Ability to lookup historical price feed data through Web Based User Interface

State of the art secure and GDPR compliant facilities of Amazon (AWS)


Real-time data is streamed over FIX API

Easy upgrade option for Tradefora’s advanced business analytics


Collection and storage of all tick data up to 25 levels deep



Data Export

Customer’s data can be requested to be exported at any time. Data Export fee for 1 day of 1 instrument is €0.01


Tradefora provides customers with specialized tool to export and extract data into compressed CSV format.

for   1 day   of   1 instrument   is   €0.01

Data Storage Options

Real-time access through web interface to all of historical data.

Offline backup of historical data not available for real time access.



Unlimited storage for historical market tick data


Great cost efficiency


Up to 40x compression compared to CSV


Convenient Real-time Data

Lookup Interface


Secure & GDPR Compliant

Broker Testimonials

"We were very pleased with the ability of Tradefora’s team to handle market data collection and storage for hundreds of our instruments tick-by-tick with full market depth, while offering us a way to access this data in real-time via DataGuard solution."

Marios Antoniou

Executive Director (EverFX)

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